Welcome to Taiping Homestay. This is the one-stop information centre about homestays, hotels and other types of accommodation facilities in and around Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.

Taiping is a beautiful heritage town in Malaysia where you can stay and relax in its refreshing environment. There are many places of interest in Taiping because of its rich history. Among them are Taiping Lake Gardens, Bukit Larut(Formerly known as Maxwell hill) hill resort, Taiping Zoo, Perak Museum, Kuala Sepetang Mangrove Park and more.


Besides places of interest, Taiping has nice and tasty cuisines to offer too. There are many eating places in Taiping, some are cheap and some are more expensive. If you want fast and economical food, you can look for various food courts and hawker centres that offer various Asian cuisines as well as western food.

Asian cuisines include famous Indian food such as roti canai, a kind of pancake which costs only about RM1.00 (USD$0.30). You can also find delicious but spicy Indian muslim food such as nasi kandar (white rice plus curry) which costs around RM6.00(USD$2.00). For Chinese food, you can try various fried noodles, noodles in soup as well as the famous crispy Hainanese chicken rice. If you like Malay food, you can try the tasty nasi lemak(a type of rice that is cooked with coconut milk) and the spicy laksa(a kind of noodles in spicy soup).

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